Join mission*social

You can join mission*social in one of four ways:

ENTERPRISE SPACE: Our overall aim is to increase the long-term social capital at mission*social so we're renting out configurable space at highly competitive rates for organizations that need desks for up to 9 or more staff members. You also get great flexibility in the use of your space by setting up your own furniture in the way it works best for you. Please contact us for our current rates and to schedule a tour.

DEDICATED DESK SPACE: For small organizations, or individuals in need of only a single desk, mission*social offers Dedicated Desk memberships (1 person per desk) with 24/7 access. We provide your desk and chair. You get the same benefits as Enterprise Space, including conference room access and your own mail box/suite number, but without the need to configure your space or provide your own furniture.
Dedicated Desk Membership fees (monthly):
  • Non-profits* - $333
  • Social Enterprises - $375
LOW-COST SHARED TABLE SPACE: For individuals who need desk or couch space only occasionally, mission*social offers a shared table and couch area, accessible from 9AM to 6PM, Monday - Friday. You get many of the same benefits as the dedicated desk membership, except for the mailbox.
Shared Table Membership fees (monthly):
  • Non-profits* - $225
  • Social Enterprises - $250
  • {conference room access - $20 per hour; mailbox optional, see rates below}
MAIL BOX/OFFICE ADDRESS: If you or your organization just need a mailing address where you can collect your mail, sign up for our inexpensive mail receiving membership with a suite number. Your box is accessible from 9AM to 6PM, Monday - Friday.
Mail Box Membership fees (monthly):
  • Non-profits* - $50
  • Social Enterprises - $55

* NOTE: Non-profit rates are available only to organizations with 501c3 status, recognized by the IRS.